Lewis Smith Lake hosts several professional fishing events each year, but Walker County residents also cast for bass, bream and crappie, to name a few.

The massive lake encompasses 21,200 acres and reaches 200-foot depths. Boat rentals and campgrounds are available.

Lewis Smith Lake is an Alabama Power Co. Reservoir that was created by the construction of the Lewis Smith Dam in 1961 in Walker County and is the largest earthen dam in the eastern United states. The Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River was damned to create more than 500 miles of shoreline on a three fingered lake with the Sipsey River making up the left fork, Rock Creek the middle fork and Ryan Creek the right fork. 

Fishing Tournaments

We have been very excited to invite the country's most avid Bass anglers and their families to our community. The direct economic impact alone of these events makes this a wise investment to our area. Furthermore, when coupled with the immeasurable media exposure that a community such as ours would otherwise not be able to obtain, the return on our investment increased tremendously. The pride and excitement that is felt throughout the community for hosting such well-known, well-respected organization also adds to the benefits.