Market Highlights

The current Median Household Income in Jasper, Alabama is $37,055. The five-year projection for Median Household Income in Jasper is $44,015. This represents an increase of 18.78%

Residents of Jasper, Alabama fall into the Southern Satellites Tapestry Segmentation (28.5%). Found primarily in the rural South, Southern Satellites households consist of married couples with and without children. These rural residents enjoy country life. Fishing and hunting are two favorite activities, and residents spend money for magazines, clothes, and gear related to these interests.

(Source: ESRI Tapestry Segmentation: 10 mile radius)


Demographic Profile

  5 Mile
10 Mile
2013 Est Population 20,091 40,046
Total # of Employees 11,061 13,736
Median HH Income $36,449 $37,055
  10 Min
20 Min
2013 Est Population 12,764 43,764
Total # of Employees 9,341 14,288
Median HH Income $32,445 $36,614